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Thank You Thursdays

Joe Klepacki

Posted on January 26 2012


Today I would like to pay homage to one of the Founding Fathers of Declaration, Kenn LoBianco. Kenn is the man who keeps the ship afloat, tirelessly managing the day-to-day operations of the company. Whether it's fulfilling each and every order by hand, writing a personalized thank you note, or planning our next tradeshow exhibit, Kenn is the man behind-the-scenes -- and at times, in front of the camera -- that keeps the chains moving. Some might call him a Renaissance Man. Some, a polymath (not unlike Benjamin Franklin). But mostly, he's just a genuine hard-working American with gingery hair as red as the stripes in Old Glory. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners for two, and is interested in most phases of data processing (but sorry ladies, he's taken). Kenn, we salute you!

Note from Kenn:  Thank you very much Joe for the flattering post, as well as the flattering mustache. 

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