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Sourcing Trip

Kenn LoBianco

Posted on September 21 2011

One of the benefits of spending time in Los Angeles is the proximity to the downtown LA garment district.  It is one of the few remaining bastions of American garment manufacturing left in the United States and it is thriving.  We made the trip downtown to meet with a new supplier who will be knitting all of our shirts for us in the future.  The factory was immense, it's actually spread out over multiple city blocks in the downtown area. They create garments for everyone from small boutique brands to the largest chains in the country, while touring the facility they were kind enough to let me take a few photos of the machines in action.  

One of the great things about the new shirts we will be using is that they are all going to be custom dyed to our exact specifications.  We are currently developing our color palette for all new tees but look forward to vintage maroon, navy, khaki, green, and more.  It is really exciting because it will open the doors up creatively for us to give you all the exact garment we envision as we pour over old documents in the rare books department of the Boston Public Library.  

More details coming soon...

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